Procrastination over Clutter

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I’m a huge fan of decluttering as it can leave you feeling clear, accomplished and ‘free’. Sometimes, I think if you know that you have some clutter lurking (even in a closed cupboard) subconsciously, it affects your ability to get things done on a day-to-day basis. This, in turn, leads to procrastination over even simple jobs that you have to do, meaning you get less done and feel a bit (or a lot) of a failure. The definition of procrastinating is; ‘to delay or postpone action; put off doing something’

Feeling like you haven’t got anything done during the day is not great in itself, but for many of us, this feeling leads to other not so great habits.

Eating – Yes we all need to eat, but eating high sugar or greasy snacks when we feel we’re not getting things done just leaves us feeling far more negatively about ourselves which leads to additional negative behavior. Possibly immediately after eating the junk you will feel satisfied, but ultimately you’ll feel like you’ve let your self down, that you have no willpower or that you’re not good at anything L Picking – Picking at your skin is a total ‘no no’, but so many of us have tones of jobs we need to do, but find ourselves in front of the bathroom mirror ‘picking’. You know how it goes; you pick, your skin goes angry red, possibly open and scabs over later looking worse than it did before! This leads to more negative thought patterns about how “you know you shouldn’t do that” and “how ugly you now look” L Drinking/ Smoking – Drinking and/or smoking can be a part of avoiding stress or anxiousness and/or to escape the feeling of not feeling ‘enough’. Often, you will feel the regret or total ill hangover feeling the next day that leads to the eating (above) followed by the picking (above). You see it’s a never-ending circle; that is unless you get on top of the things you need to do, or want to do i.e. decluttering So…
  1. Write a small list of what you want to de clutter.
  2. Make time to actually do it! Put your phone on silent – don’t get distracted!!
  3. Have something planned post de clutter that you will enjoy once the job is done: go out for diner with friends or go to a Yoga class.
  4. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and ‘space’ you have in your mind to get other jobs done that you’ve been putting off forever
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